Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application Available Now

Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application Available Now

Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application Apply Now: If you are an undergraduate who is searching for available scholarships, the Application portal is now open for interested and qualified candidates for the Walmart Dependent Scholarship.

There are thirteen $13,000 scholarships given out by Walmart over four years. People who want to apply must be dependent on Walmart or Sam’s Club employees, have a 2.5 GPA, an ACT score of 22 or a SAT score of 1030 (combined Math and Critical Reading), and be able to show that they need the money.

The money will be used to pay for school at an institution approved by the U.S. Department of Education. (Institutions that are military academies are not allowed.)

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About Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application

Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application
Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application

The Associate and Dependent Scholarship Programs will be discontinued by the Walmart Foundation as of February 1, 2023.

This decision was reached in light of the fact that more and more scholarship opportunities are becoming accessible to the general public, as well as the fact that Walmart has revamped its educational offerings with the introduction of Live Better U.

The Walmart Foundation will keep its primary emphasis on providing organizations with strategic financial support.

The Walmart Dependent Scholarship will no longer be open for new submissions after the year 2023, which is the final year that it will be offered.

If you are selected to receive a scholarship, the Walmart Foundation will continue to honour all scholarships until the completion of your degree or for up to four years, whichever comes first, provided that scholars continue to meet all renewal conditions. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, visit the Walmart Foundation website.

Additionally, we strongly suggest that you look into other potential sources of funding. Walmart’s Live Better U is presently offering a program that helps dependents finish high school for those who qualify.

Our Commitment: Walmart Dependent Scholarship

Our Commitment: Walmart Dependent Scholarship
Our Commitment: Walmart Dependent Scholarship

The commitment stated by Sam Walton upon the establishment of Walmart, to provide high-quality merchandise at affordable rates, remains steadfast and valid even after a span of over 50 years. It is seen as both our duty and our honour to provide Canadians with the opportunity to acquire the necessary products at affordable costs, both through physical retail locations and the online platform

Walmart Dependent Scholarship Requirements

All of the following requirements need to be met in order for applicants to be considered: • You are required to be a citizen of the United States or a permanent legal resident of the United States.

  1. Must be a dependent of an actively employed associate (employee) with any division of Walmart for a minimum of six months in a row (certain dates are restricted).
  2. You must be a senior in high school, home school, or be working toward your GED to be eligible.
  3. A CGPA of at least 2.5 on a scale of 4.0 is required of all interested applicants to qualify.
  4. Required to have a minimum score of 22 on the ACT or 1030 on the SAT (when combined with the critical reading and math sections).

Applicants are required to have a firm plan in place to begin their academic careers at a two- or four-year college or university in the United States of America that is both regionally accredited and featured on the official website of the United States Department of Education. The military academies are not recognized as legitimate educational institutions.

Must be in need of financial assistance and able to provide documentation to support their claim of financial hardship. (It is important to note that students who have additional finances that pay for all of their education expenses, including tuition, books, fees, and room and board on campus, are not eligible for this award.)

Requirements for Walmart Dependent Scholarship Renewal

Responsibility & Eligibility for Walmart Dependent Scholarship

Scholars who wish to renew their awards must:

  1. Fill out a renewal form online for every semester.
  2. Upload a current transcript that demonstrates continuous, full-time enrollment and the last semester’s/term’s final grades.

Scholars must maintain continuous enrollment as full-time students (12 credits or more) each semester/term and have a minimum semester/term grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 on a 4-point scale for the prior semester/term in order to continue to be eligible to renew.

Requirements for Walmart Dependent Scholarship Renewal
Requirements for Walmart Dependent Scholarship Renewal

Prior to their junior/third year of study, students enrolled in two-year universities must transfer to a four-year institution. By their junior or third year of study, scholars who are not enrolled at four-year universities will no longer be eligible to receive Walmart support and will forfeit their scholarship.

Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application Portal

To submit an online application for consideration and possible selection into the Walmart Dependent Scholarships 2023; visit the online portal 

Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application Portal
Walmart Portal: Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application Portal

If Walmart Canada has scholarships is your question then read the next paragraph

The deadline for submitting scholarship applications varies from year to year (the online application should begin in early January).

The Process of Renewal Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application

If you have been selected for the Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 Application and you qualified and wish to renew your scholarship then, the article below is a detailed procedure you need to follow to renew the offer for the present academic year.

  1. You can renew your membership by either clicking the “Renew Now” button that is located below or going to and logging into your account there.
  2. Find the box for the Walmart Dependent Scholarship program under Applications on your Home page. This box should show the year that you were initially awarded the scholarship.
  3. Find the link for the Renewal Form under the Additional Forms heading.
  4. Simply clicking on the link will take you straight to the form.
  5. Please ensure that all needed fields are filled out, and attach any necessary documentation.
    On the page labelled Save/Submit of the form, select the button labelled Submit.

Click here to download the complete guide on Requirements for Walmart Dependent Scholarship Renewal

Walmart Associate Scholarship

The Walmart Associate Scholarship was made accessible to associates working for Walmart and Sam’s Club who are located in the United States. Awards are given out on the basis of a recipient’s demonstrated financial need as well as their commitment to their community.

Specifics Regarding the Award’s Finances:

For Students in the Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate Programs: Up to $1,500 during the course of a single fiscal year for Walmart.

  1. Up to $2,000 over the course of a single fiscal year at Walmart for students pursuing an Associate’s Degree.
  2. Up to $3,000 over the course of a single fiscal year at Walmart for students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Up to $2,000 in a single Walmart fiscal year is available for students pursuing a graduate degree.

The Walmart Associate Scholarship can be renewed for up to six years (up to a maximum of twelve payments), up to a maximum grant of sixteen thousand dollars (USD), or up to the accomplishment of the degree for which the scholarship was awarded, whichever occurs first. When any one of those requirements is satisfied, the scholarship is regarded to have been successfully completed.

Walmart Associate Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

All of the following requirements need to be met in order for applicants to be considered:

  1. Must either be a citizen of the United States or a permanent legal resident in order to apply.
  2. You must have been working for any department of Walmart, whether part-time or full-time, for at least six months previous to the application deadline for the position that you are applying for.
  3. Before applying, you need to have completed high school, either at a traditional or home school or to have earned a GED.

Must be in need of financial assistance and able to provide documentation to support their claim of financial hardship. (It is important to note that students who have additional means that pay totally for their tuition, books, fees, and room and board on campus are ineligible for this scholarship.)

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Making the grade: Walmart Canada awards $148,000 in scholarships to high school grads

Walmart Canada is ecstatic to share the news that it has provided a total of $148,000 in financial assistance in the form of bursaries to 74 high school seniors as part of the 2023 Walmart Canada Associate Scholarship Program.

The annual program offers a total of $2,000 to outstanding Walmart employees or their dependents who have proven great academic success.

The money is intended to be used toward the recipient’s first year of postsecondary education at an authorized college or university of the recipient’s choosing.

The recipients of the awards were selected based on their level of academic success, their participation in extracurricular activities, their commitment to their communities, and their level of financial need.

The Walmart Canada Associate Scholarship Program is one of the numerous ways in which the retailer is promoting education and assisting Walmart colleagues and their families in reducing financial strain and improving their quality of life.

Through the use of this program, Walmart Canada has provided more than 1,400 associates or their families with financial assistance in the form of scholarships, with the total amount exceeding $2.5 million.

They have made a name for themselves both in their schools and in their communities, and they have a remarkable amount of potential. We are quite pleased to be able to assist these worthy individuals in realizing their academic goals, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Walmart Canada 2023 Scholarship 2023 report card:

  1. 74 scholarships, each worth $2,000, were presented to students who had recently graduated from high school.
  2. 33 were given out to associates
  3. While 41 were given out to associates’ dependents.

Let’s get to know some of the outstanding scholarship winners from this year and find out what it means to them to be a recipient of a Walmart Canada award.

Dace Charlebois, an individual whose mother is employed at Distribution Centre 6098 located in Cornwall, Ontario, is currently enrolled in the Concurrent Education Program at Queen’s University situated in Kingston, Ontario. The primary objective of their academic pursuit is to establish a professional career in the field of education.

My Mother was the first person I told when I found out I had won the Walmart scholarship. This is because I knew she’d be overjoyed to learn about the award, and I also knew she’d be overjoyed for me.

This scholarship will help students pursue their post-secondary education by reducing some of the costs associated with doing so. I would want to express my sincere appreciation to Walmart for their scholarship program.

Marquise Chevrier, an individual whose mother is employed at Distribution Centre 6097 in Cornwall, Ontario, is currently enrolled as a student at La Cité Collège in Ottawa, Ontario. Marquise aspires to pursue a career as a certified physiotherapist.

It required multiple iterations before the information became fully comprehended by me. Being awarded a scholarship provided me with a sense of relief, as it signified that I had obtained a substantial sum of money to use towards my higher education endeavours.

The acquisition of this scholarship also occurred at a crucial juncture. Upon introspection, I saw my worthiness in pursuing a higher level of education. My level of self-assurance increased by 100% upon realizing that relinquishing my goals was never a viable choice, prompting me to exert greater effort in pursuit of my genuine aspirations in life.

Kendra Lyttle, an individual whose mother is employed at the Truro Walmart in Nova Scotia, is presently enrolled at the School of Performing Arts located at Holland College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Kendra is pursuing a career as a singer and performer, focusing on vocal training within the Music Performance department.

Being selected as the beneficiary of a nationwide scholarship is a remarkable and highly stimulating opportunity, in addition to being a substantial financial aid in covering my tuition expenses. I am immensely appreciative of being selected as the recipient of this prestigious award.

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Estelle Ngwa, whose father is employed at Distribution Centre 7103 in Cornwall, Ontario, is currently enrolled in her inaugural year of the Bachelor of Health Science Program at Queen’s University. Her academic pursuits are driven by her aspiration to enter the field of medicine and realize her long-standing ambition of becoming a physician.

As a recipient of a scholarship, I am motivated to excel in all my endeavours, as Walmart has recognized my potential and deemed me worthy of their investment. I express profound gratitude towards the Walmart scholarship program for its invaluable support in enabling students to pursue higher education and fulfil their aspirations.

Shismini Sivakumaran currently has the position of general merchandise associate at the Walmart located in Scarborough. Additionally, she is pursuing her academic studies in the Paramedicine department at the esteemed University of Toronto.

Being awarded the Walmart scholarship holds significant importance in my life. The alleviation of certain financial challenges enables me to pursue a fulfilling job as a paramedic, which would otherwise be hindered.

Brock Sproule currently holds the position of produce associate at the Walmart located in Steinbach, Manitoba. Additionally, he is pursuing his academic endeavours at The University of Manitoba, namely in the Aspers School of Business program.

I had been preparing to depart from my residence in order to commence my evening work shift when I was notified by electronic mail by Walmart that I had been chosen as a recipient of a scholarship.

The lack of anticipation on my part was due to the substantial level of assistance I already received from Walmart and my supervisory personnel.

Additionally, it was the inaugural occasion in which a member of our store’s staff received the prestigious prize, lending an air of surrealism to the experience. Obtaining a scholarship has a significant impact as it alleviates the financial burden associated with both tuition fees and housing expenses, particularly in the context of relocating from one’s birthplace.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the recipients of the 2023 Walmart Canada Scholarship. I extend my sincere wishes for a successful inaugural year and the realization of all your professional ambitions.

Walmart Canada has expressed a dedication to the concept of regeneration, with a specific emphasis on promoting fairness in opportunities, fostering sustainability, engaging with the community, and upholding ethical principles and integrity. Since 1994, Walmart Canada has successfully generated more than $650 million in funding to provide support for various communities throughout Canada.

Apply of Walmart Dependent Scholarship 2023 ApplicationHere 

Walmart Scholarship Dependent: Strengthening local communities. Working together to spark change.

We are dedicated to constructing and supporting vibrant communities, as well as motivating our employees to give back to those communities. We are proud to work through our stores and associates to inspire change in the world, and our charitable programs are designed to meet specific societal needs. We have been able to raise and donate over $650 million to Canadian charities over the course of the past 29 years, with a primary focus on assisting our fellow
Canadians and the families of those individuals during their times of greatest need.

Donation of sixty million meals to food banks in Canada

$63 million was donated to the Breakfast Club of Canada in order to assist with feeding children in schools all across the country.

Seventy million dollars in aid for those affected by natural disasters, provided by the Canadian Red Cross.

Children’s Miracle Network in Canada will receive $200 million in order to save and improve the lives of sick children in Canada