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VISTALOG Legit or Scam How VISTALOG Works | Get Good Scholarships 2024 | Buy Coupon at Discount

VISTALOG Legit or Scam How VISTALOG Works Get ₦1000 Discount Registration Scholarship

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VISTALOG Legit or Scam How VISTALOG Works Coupon Code VISTALOG Registration & Earnings GET ₦1000 Discount Registration as Scholarship

If you are searching for a high income paying opportunity in 2024 then this is my review article on the operations on the VISTA platform. I will advise you to read this article on VISTALOG Legit or Scam How VISTALOG Works Get ₦1000 Discount Registration Scholarship to the end in order to maximize the opportunity therein.

In this VISTALOG review, we’ll go over “how VISTALOG works,” how to register/sign up, how to earn and withdraw, and whether VISTALOG is legit or a scam. Make sure you subscribe to the Popup on this website so that we can alert you when a new website is set to debut in the future.

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VISTALOG has is a new project that will launch by January, 2024. It is a high income paying business and a platform that is profit oriented while providing you with the most selling digital or soft skills learning opportunities.

VISTALOG from our review as at November, 2023 will be launched by January 2024 with a lot of features and opportunities which allow subscriber to make profits while learning a digital skill

VISTALOG Opportunities

In the ever-changing environment of online options, VISTALOG stands out as a light of hope for anyone looking to broaden their financial horizons. This revolutionary social media monetization and affiliate network has garnered popularity for its simple way to making money online. We’ll go deeper into the different avenues VISTALOG provides for you to increase your revenue in this detailed guide.

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There will always be a desire to earn more than the average in every developing country, including Nigeria. This is due to economic inflation, yet standard salaries remain unchanged. According to statistics, persons who live off their earnings make more than salary owners in most industries. While earning your income isn’t terrible, it wouldn’t hurt if you had a side business, preferably one that you could run alongside your current job. One popular side hustle is earning money online.

People are now making six figures via YouTube, TikTok, cryptocurrency, forex, affiliate/network marketing, and other sources. Interestingly, several companies promise to pay you for completing easy online chores like liking and sharing firms’ content on social media or following them. We wish to discuss one of those websites in this blog today.

About AFFILIATE Package (How the AFFILIATE Package Works)

As at the time of publishing this VISTALOG review article, we’ll go over “how VISTALOG works,” how to register/sign up, how to earn and withdraw, and whether VISTALOG is legit or a scam, the Affiliate strategies has not been made known from the CEO as the project is yet to be launched.

When contact through his social media verified handle he promised to do so by 1st week December, 2023.

To keep you posted, will make another publication once the Affiliate strategies or plans are released as promised by the VISTALOG founder/CEO

You may choose to check my DM for such update before it gets to the general public.


Anyone can sign up. Whether man or female, young or old. VISTALOG is not only for Nigerians, but also for Ghanaians, Cameroonians, Togolese, Ugandans, and Kenyans.

This platform chooses to focus on two packages so that those who wish to register can choose based on their preferences, rather than one bundle, which I believe is preferable. Because it will be easier for the company to reach out to people of different backgrounds, and those who cannot afford to refer on the VISTALOG package can choose for the Affiliate package. VISTALOG has followed the trend of including a number of African countries. That is also encouraging.

VISTALOG is Launching on 1st January, 2024. And this platform is aimed at rewarding members for surfing the internet and their convenience and provide an opportunity for digital skills acquisition

How does VISTALOG Works? (VISTALOG review)

VISTALOG is promised to be a platform that pays you for doing simply tasks online like sharing post or following brands on Social media and learning digital skills. Members can earn a minimum of ₦1000 per day as promised by the CEO. This earnings can also be withdrawn to your personal bank account every month foreign or local banks are supported.

VISTALOG are able to pay members through revenue earned on their websites. These revenues comes in ways of ads like Google AdSense and Adsterra, as well as sponsored contents. This way, members who can’t refer can get paid without hassles.

Before you can start making money on EARNINGSTATE you need to become a member by signing up with a one time registration. The website for members registration will be made know to the general public by the 1st week of December, 2023 as promised by the CEO of VISTALOG

I will advise you to keep checking this site for more update on the the registration portal for the VISTALOG that will Launch by 1st day of January, 2024 as I will make a comprehensive publication that will review all the strategic path needed for you to be among the top beneficiaries of the VISTALOG Coming Very Soon!

VISTALOG Registration Sign Up How To Join VISTALOG

VISTALOG registration fee will be only paid once as promised by the CEO which you’ll pay through buying coupon code and then using it for registration. The coupon code therefore makes up for your registration fee.

To begin or get more details as to when the code will be available, Click Here to buy a coupon code or to get your discount registration and head towards registration once the project is launched

It should be noted that without the coupon code, one cannot sign up. That is why you must first purchase the coupon code before registering. Your one-time coupon code payment covers your registration charge, and you will not have to pay it again.

Ensure to you follow these registration steps accurately when it will be made available. I can also personally assist you Click Here to link check me out on WhatsApp.

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Earning from VISTALOG | How To Earn On VISTALOG

To earn money on VISTALOG, simply log in to your account daily and complete tasks to earn money. The tasks may vary from day to day, but they are always simple. If you need to earn more than the amount shown above, you can demonstrate your network skills by suggesting people to join. Remember that referring is never required.

Full details coming soon!

VISTALOG Affiliate Program

AFFILIATE Package comin soon

It is promised to be amazing and mind blowing project. Wait for it!

If you need to get registration code from me. Kindly DM me Here

However, you must note that referral is not compulsory. Meaning that you don’t need to refer before you cash out.

VISTALOG Mobile App Login

You can Login to VISTALOG with your username and password you used in creating your account with during registration, remember that the mobile App will be made known upon launching of this project

VISTALOG Mobile Application is promised to be Amazing with great features that will help you maximize the wonderful opportunities that VISTALOG offers

VISTALOG Withdrawal and Payment Day

VISTALOG Withdrawal and Withdrawal Threshold | VISTALOG Withdrawal Mode

Withdrawal for Affiliate Earners on VISTALOG | VISTALOG Registration Fee

The first prerequisite for making a withdrawal is meeting the minimum threshold or amount.

Affiliate earners have the right to withdraw a minimum of and receive payment for the exact amount of money placed.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday from 5pm-6pm, the affiliate earner withdrawal portal will be open for withdrawal. ISTALOG Registration Fee and Registration Form can be found here.

Withdrawal for Non-Affiliate Earners on VISTALOG

Non-affiliated earners can request a withdrawal with a minimum of 25 Vista Points. Every month on the 25th, the withdrawal portal will be open.

Announcement of the VISTALOG Launch Date

The official date will be published here once it has been released by the CEO of VISTALOG and the payment of the VISTALOG Registration Fee has begun. You can, however, pay in advance by clicking here.

Before making a withdrawal, double-check that your bank account matches the given names you’re using.

Prepare for it because it will be published here once the VISTALOG goes live.

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Nigerian

VISTALOG Earnings for Nigerian

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Nigerian

The list below shows how you can earn money as a Nigerian by using VISTALOG. Based on my review, it is very simple to make money on Vista.

To  help you pay for for VISTALOG Registration Fee, Kindly click here here

Can I register for VISTALOG from Cameroon

VISTALOG Cameroon Registration

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Uganda

The list below shows how you can earn money using the VISTALOG as a Uganda. It is very easy to make money on Vista based on pour review

How to make money on VISTALOG for Uganda

Please click here ONLY if you are ready to register

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Kenya

The list below shows how you can earn money using the VISTALOG as a Kenya. It is very easy to make money on Vista based on pour review

Please click here ONLY if you are ready to register

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Kenya

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Sierra Leone

The list below shows how you can earn money using the VISTALOG as a Sierra Leone. It is very easy to make money on Vista based on pour review

VISTALOG Earnings structure for Sierra Leone

Please click here ONLY if you are ready to register


Yes. VISTALOG is legit. So far VISTALOG CEO has proven to be legitimate Given the background check of the CEO. There’s no reason to claim otherwise. So we can confidently say that VISTALOG is a legit platform for seriously minded individuals.

VISTALOg Terms and Conditions of Service And How Vistalog Works

HOW VISTALOG Works and the earnings system

About VISTALOG Spillover Feature

The best part is that this doesn’t affect the upline’s normal earnings (affiliate bonus and indirect), so money keeps flowing into the system! This feature allows users to benefit from their team or upline if it is active. Users can earn 100 Naira to 500 Naira Spillover randomly at any time to Their Affiliate Balance if their Upline is active!

How Does News and Articles Upload Work on VISTALOG

Here is the VISTALOG BLOG, where users can post the latest news, articles, or instructional materials for the general public to read. The articles allow users to tag their social media handles.

Vista Lucky Wheel | VISTALOG Registration Fee

By spinning a lucky wheel, users can utilize this feature to earn extra money and receive the prize they win!, participating in this activity would go smoothly.

VISTA E-Commerce Feature and VISTALOG Registration Fee

More like a Vista Mart, where users buy and sell products, everyone has free access to upload products to thousands of users in this section.

VTU Enability

Users can purchase data, airtime, and cable subscriptions with their activity and affiliate earnings and receive them quickly.

Transferring of Funds

Registered VISTALOG users can instantly transfer their earnings from one user to another.

Ranks and Incentives

We’ll all have ranks on our dashboards and incentives for hitting goals! The prize and incentives would be announced shortly. We can track the advancement of our Ranks.

Global Enebility

VISTALOG is a global business; anyone from anywhere can sign up and enjoy VISTALOG benefits, as well as have a stress fee withdrawal and be paid.

A present that keeps on giving

I have personally interacted with the CEO and I can assure you of the legitimacy of VISTALOG

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No. VISTALOG is not a scam. A platform can be said to be a scam it fails to live up to its promise and VISTALOG CEO promised to stand be the mission and visions statement of VISTALOG coming Very Soon!

Therefore, VISTALOG is not a scam platform at all.

Other Amazing features on VISTALOG

  1. Digital or Soft Skill acquisition
  2. Ebook Sales
  3. Market Place
  4. Team Earning
  5. Spillovers
  6. Referal Contest
  7. P2P

All coming very Soon!

Follow VISTALOG Social Media Page

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Facebook Page for VISTALOG

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VISTALOG is a platform with a lot of earning and learning features it’s not a referral Based system… you earn and get paid with or without referral, Being on my team alone gives you benefits of earning through spillover (Free money!)

VISTA Earning Structure Review  Summary

Registration fee – ₦5000
Affiliate Bonus – ₦4000
Indirect Bonus ₦300
2nd Indirect Bonus – ₦100
Spillover – ₦100 to ₦500

Welcome Bonus – ₦3000
Advert post – ₦300
Vista post – ₦300
Daily login – ₦200

Affiliate withdrawal day will be on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 5PM – 6PM with Minimum withdrawal of N10,000

You also withdraw your task Earnings every 25th of the month. And you get paid directly to your BANK account or you can withdraw in DOLLARS as USDT

NOTE: After you book ur slot for registration you would be added to my mentorship group automatically, where you would be taught how to make nothing less than 40 – 60k weekly from VISTALOG


I am not the CEO of VISTALOG and be aware that all the publications made herein is subject to changes from CEO or VISTALOG team, therefore you are advised to check the official VISTALOG website for more details. This is a review post and I or scholarship blog do NOT promise you of any reward from VISTALOG. No financial Advise.

I will will publish the more details about VISTALOG regarding the promised Launching Date.

I believe this article on VISTALOG Legit or Scam How VISTALOG Works Coupon Code VISTALOG Registration & Earnings GET ₦1000 Discount Registration as Scholarship was helpful.

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