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Borno State Scholarship Board Application 2023 Apply Now

Borno State Scholarship Board Application 2023 Apply Now

Borno State Scholarship Board Application 2023 Apply Now

This post titled Borno State Scholarship Board Application 2023 Apply Now is targeted at giving you all the details necessary for you to apply and be selected for the ongoing 2023/2024 Borno State Scholarships organized by the Borno State Scholarship Board.

If you are from Borno  State and are currently studying in any federal and state universities in Nigeria and overseas, this scholarship organized by the Borno State Scholarship Board is for you. This article has been designed to help you understand all the necessary steps to be taken during the submission of an application for consideration for the Borno State Scholarship  2023.

About Borno State Scholarship Board

The Borno State Scholarship Board is one of the Government of Borno State agencies that organizes and oversees the affairs and well-being of Borno State Undergraduate of Borno State Origin

Before January 1989, the Borno State Scholarship Board was a division of the Ministry of Education. However, the Board was elevated and given autonomous status by Edict No. 3 of 1989, and it began functioning as an independent organization on April 13 of that year.

The Borno State Scholarship is an initiative that the government has taken as part of its social welfare and cooperative obligation to the indigenous people of Borno. In most cases, the Scholarship is provided by the Borno State Government through the Borno State Bursary.

This prize is given to young students who are enrolled in educational institutions and is intended to be of assistance to those students who have little resources to finance the pursuit of their academic goals. The Borno State Scholarship Program has been of assistance to a great number of students during the course of its existence.

having looked at the brief history of the Borno State Scholarship and the  Borno State Scholarship Board, it is now time to outline the Local Government Areas of the Borno State that are eligible for the Borno State Scholarship Application 2023.

Local Government Areas of Borno State qualified for the Borno State Scholarship Application 2023

List of Eligible LGA in Borno State

  1. Abadam
  2. Askira/Uba
  3. Bama, Borno
  4. Bayo, Nigeria
  5. Biu, Nigeria
  6. Chibok
  7. Damboa
  8. Dikwa
  9. Gubio
  10. Guzamala
  11. Gwoza
  12. Hawul
  13. Jere, Borno
  14. Kaga, Nigeria
  15. Kala/Balge
  16. Kukawa
  17. Kwaya Kusar
  18. Mafa
  19. Magumeri
  20. Maiduguri
  21. Marte, Borno
  22. Mobbar
  23. Monguno
  24. Ngala
  25. Nganzai
  26. Shani, Nigeria

Borno State Scholarship Requirements

The scholarship opportunity is only open to people who were born and raised in the state of Borno in Nigeria and who have been accepted to study at a Nigerian college or university that has been recognized as meeting certain standards for quality education. In addition, these candidates need to have finished their first year of enrollment at the relevant educational institution before they can be considered.

  1. students from Borno State who are beginning their studies at one of Nigeria’s tertiary institutions
  2. If you want to be considered for the scholarship, the first thing you need to do is prove that you are a native or resident of Borno State.
  3. You are required to be enrolled in a school that meets our criteria.
  4. It is necessary for individuals to preserve a commendable grade point average (GPA). All students participating in higher education programs, including universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, and comparable institutions, must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0.

Borno State Scholarship Host

The Borno State Scholarship is organized and Hosted by the Borno State Government through the Borno State Scholarship Board as part of its basic social responsibility to the citizens who cannot afford their academic bills while in the university.

Annually the Borno State Government through the Borno State Scholarship spends huge amounts of money to make sure that its citizens do not drop out of school due to financial challenges amounting to their academic bills.

How to Apply for Borno State Scholarship

The application portal for the Borno State Scholarship is Open to all Borno State undergraduates who are interested and meet the qualifications to submit an application for consideration as one of the beneficiaries of the Borno State scholarship.

To apply for the Borno State Scholarship, you have to read all the criteria and eligibility.

Click Here to visit the Borno State Scholarships official portal to apply for the Borno State Scholarship

When filling out their application forms, students are highly encouraged to proceed with extreme caution and pay close attention to detail. The Board makes it clear that it will not address any grievances or complaints relating to incorrect registrations in any way, shape, or form.

Kindly create an account using the applicant authentication login page link and create and account

How to Create an Account for Borno State Scholarship

Borno State Scholarship Research

Without a doubt, doing research is a necessary component of applying for scholarships. Carrying out in-depth research enables you to locate scholarships that are a good fit for you, gain an understanding of their requirements, and personalize your application to stand out from the crowd.

Make an Application for Borno State Scholarship

Submitting an application for a scholarship is an exciting and significant step in achieving your goals for your education. Scholarships provide beneficial financial aid as well as recognition for one’s accomplishments, allowing one to have access to educational possibilities that may not have been possible otherwise.

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Categories of Borno State Scholarships

There are two major categories of applicants for the Borno State Scholarship

  1. Internal
  2. External

About the Internal Applicant of the Borno State Scholarship

Internal applicants of the Borno State Scholarship are undergraduates of Borno origin currently studying in any Nigeria university, Polytechnics and College of Education

Follow the Screen Short guide below to select the appropriate category for the scholarship application

About the External Applicant of the Borno State Scholarship

The Borno State Scholarship is organized in a way that all the applicants of Borno State origin who are taking the program at international universities and colleges will also benefit from the scholarship. Therefore, if you are currently studying abroad, you are advised to select the External category as shown on the portal screenshot below

Borno State Scholarship 2023 Application Guide showing how to select categories for external applicants

Borno State Scholars Contact

The contact form is available on the Borno State Scholarship 2023-2024 official portal for any complaints or inquiries kindly visit the portal contact link here and fill out the form

Borno State Scholars Contact

Borno State Scholarship Supporting Documents

When applying for this award, applicants are required to submit the aforementioned documents.

  1. Document attesting to the state of origin
  2. Certificate of Completion of Primary Education (also known as FSLC)
  3. The results of the Senior School Certificate Examinations, also known as the SSCE.
  4. Letter of admission from JAMB
  5. A letter granting admission to the school
  6. Documentation of Birth
  7. Statement of results that includes your cumulative grade point average.
  8. A recent picture of a passport

Procedures to Apply for Scholarships Offered by the Borno State Government

Stage One of Borno State Scholarship

  1. Make sure you use a real email address when creating your account.
  2. Your address will receive a link to confirm your subscription shortly.
  3. In order to authenticate your registration, kindly select the “Email” tab.Please authenticate your access by signing in using the email address and password that you have already provided.
  4. The application form will be made available to you after it has been reviewed.
  5. The application process has multiple steps that need to be completed by you.
  6. After you have provided the needed information, click the Save button.

Stage Two of Borno State Scholarship

  1. You can upload a photo of your passport and store it.
  2. Complete all of the essential fields, then click the Save button.
  3. On the following page, please provide your academic information. Save, then click the Next button.

Stage Three of Borno State Scholarship

  1. Please provide the details of your SSCE result, then click the Next button.
  2. On the following page, you will be prompted to upload scanned copies of your SSCE results, indigene certificate, and admission letter.
  3. Before you hit the “submit” button, make sure to review your application.
  4. You should save a copy of your application for future reference. Download it now.

Notice to All Applicants: This Is Very Important

  1. During the application process, you need to make sure that the information you supply is true because your application will go through a review procedure.
  2. Include photocopies of the following items with your application, along with a copy of the application form:
    SSCE Results Admission Letter Indigenous Certificate) in front of the Borno State scholarship board.

Advice on How to Put in an Application and Get the Borno State Scholarship

  1. If you want your application to be successful and increase your chances of being considered for the award, refer to the tips that are provided below.
  2. Before you click the button to submit your application, you need to make sure that you qualify for the scholarship. Given that it is offered to indigenous students who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in Benue State, you need to make sure that you fall into this group.
  3. Attain the necessary standards: The prerequisites for the scholarship are the most difficult for you to fulfil. Make sure that you are able to fulfil the requirements of the scholarships so that you are aware of what lies ahead and can suitably prepare yourself.
  4. Get an early start on your application: The application for this scholarship is not currently available, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It is strongly recommended that you start your application as soon as the application portal becomes available.
  5. You will get a sufficient advantage to be in the lead position if you begin your application sooner, and you will also have the time to acquire all of the essential materials.
  6. Keep an eye on the application deadline, and do everything in your power to ensure that you send in all of the essential materials well before the time.
  7. If you want your application to be considered, make sure to follow all of the instructions that are provided on the scholarship website or by the scholarship committee.
  8. Before you send in your application, you need to make sure that it, along with all of the other paperwork, has been thoroughly checked to ensure that it is error-free and that everything is in the proper place.
  9. Maintain communication with the scholarship committee regarding your application to demonstrate to them that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity to receive the scholarship and are willing to put in the extra effort.

Funding of the Borno Scholarship

Students who are financially disadvantaged have the opportunity to receive financial assistance through the Borno State Government Scholarship, which was established by the Borno State Government and is supported by the Ministry of Education. This scholarship is intended to help the students’ academic endeavours.

The scholarship’s official website is where applicants must submit their applications in order to be considered. During the application procedure, you must scan all of the necessary documents and upload them to the application website in electronic format.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as soon as the application portal becomes available, as it is possible that a late application may not be taken into consideration.

When you submit your application, we hope you have success.

Amount of the Scholarship

The monetary value of this scholarship is determined on an individual basis.

It provides reimbursement for the price of tuition in addition to any other educational expenses.

Various Levels of Education that are eligible for Brono State Scholarship Application

This grant is open to applications from undergraduate students attending any school in the world. the scholarship is also open to M.Sc and PhD candidates

Academic Disciplines for the Borno State Scholarship

The application can be made for any and all programs that are offered at postsecondary institutions in the state.

Borno State Scholarship Board Executives Announcement

Executive Secretary of the board

Mallam Bala Isa

Students enrolled in tertiary institutions can now apply for scholarships for the academic years 2022–23 and 2023–24 using the Borno State Scholarship Board’s newly created online application platform.

On Friday in Maiduguri, the Executive Secretary of the board, Mallam Bala Isa, provided confirmation of the new development.

He stated that the portal had been open since the 14th of September and would be shut down on the 14th of October.

So that they can be considered, candidates must be from the state of Borno, be accepted in a Nigerian college or university, and have already signed up for their first year.

Another Scholarship at Borno State is sponsored by Indimi

Indimi established the Muhammad Indimi Foundation (MIF), an organization with the mission of assisting vulnerable families by reducing poverty, battling hunger, eradicating illiteracy, and addressing difficulties related to health.

He has provided financial support for a student from Borno state to receive a scholarship to study at the International University of Africa (IUA) in Sudan.

People whose lives have been upended by the crisis caused by Boko Haram in the North East have benefited from Indimi’s efforts to provide aid and empowerment through the MIF.

For the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) caused by the Boko Haram insurgency in Borno State, he constructed a housing estate with 100 units costing N600 million, as well as providing them with food, clothing, schools, and clinics.

In Enwang, Mbo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom, the Muhammad Indimi Foundation has constructed a modern residential estate with a total cost of N700 million and 100 individual dwellings.

Over 470 students in Akwa Ibom State were the recipients of his scholarships, and he established a sponsorship program for the Department of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering at the University of Uyo.

The International Business Center at Lynn University in the United States bears Indimi’s name thanks to a donation he made to the university in the amount of multiple millions of dollars.

Indimi Foundation Gives Scholarships To Borno Students

Muhammad Indimi Founder: Indimi Foundation Gives Scholarships

In order to encourage academic achievement among locals of Borno State, the Mohammed Indimi Foundation has provided financial assistance for undergraduate study. According to a statement that was released by the Foundation, the winners were

In order to encourage academic achievement among locals of Borno State, the Mohammed Indimi Foundation has provided financial assistance for undergraduate study.

According to a statement that was released by the Foundation, recipients of the bursary awards for 2016-2017 were chosen in an objective manner.

Alhaji Maina Bukar, Ibrahim Abubakar Abubakar, Muhammad Ibrahim, Ahmad Yaqub Danah, Ameen Ali Ahmad, Shadi Bashir Adam Shadi, Ahmad Hassan Goni, Usman Muhammad Umar, and Yahya Ali were among those who participated in the attack.

The annual scholarship awards were first given out during the 2015/2016 academic year. Since then, they have been responsible for facilitating the entrance of five students from Borno State into the International University of Africa on full scholarships.

Students who have a demonstrated need for financial assistance are eligible to receive the scholarship, which provides full coverage of all applicable academic fees, as well as lodging and living expenses.

This fellowship was made possible by Alhaji Mohammed Indimi through the Mohammed Indimi Foundation and Oriental Energy Resources collaboration. In addition to being on the board of directors of the International University of Africa, Dr.

Indimi was the Chairman of the Board and Founder of Oriental Energy Resources. The Education and Humanities Faculty at the International University of Africa, which can be found in Sudan, as well as the Shariah and Islamic Studies Faculty, the Pure and Applied Science Faculty, the Engineering Faculty, and the Medical Faculty.

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