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Amazing Available Scholarships in Nigeria 2023-2024

Amazing Available Scholarships in Nigeria 2023-2024

Good Available Scholarships in Nigeria: If you are a student in a federal, state or Private university in Nigeria, we have compiled and made available for your consumption a List of 15 Available Scholarships for 2023-2024 in Nigeria. This scholarship opportunities were selected from the most recommended and regular scholarship boards or agencies within and across Nigeria Borders

.As you know many Nigeria Students have dropped out or given up on their academic dreams as a result of financial capacity to fund the educational bill and run their day-to-day campus activities while undertaking their undergraduate and post-graduate programmes across Nigerian universities and abroad.

Let us proceed to talk more about the benefits of grabbing any available scholarship opportunity in Nigeria as a student in 100 level, 200 level, 300 level, 400 level and even 500 level.

Available Scholarships in Nigeria 2023-2024

A scholarship is a grant-in-aid or money that is given to students as support in the form of assistance in bearing the bill for their educational expenses.

Students at any level of education can find funding options to pursue their education in Nigeria because to the country’s robust scholarship system.

The majority of these offerings are sponsored by major oil and gas businesses, multi-national corporations, charitable organisations funded by the government, and individual philanthropic organisations.

Financial Benefits of Available Scholarships in Nigeria 2023-2024

A significant number of college graduates are saddled with significant amounts of student loan debt or are forced to curtail their academic pursuits in order to maintain their budgets. Students are able to concentrate on their future careers rather than stressing about how they will pay back their student loans because of the availability of scholarships, which are practically free money.

Students are also given the opportunity to study topics that need postgraduate education, such as business administration degrees. Scholarships help students achieve their educational and professional goals by removing the financial obstacles that stand in their way.

Educational Benefit Available Scholarships in Nigeria

It is possible that being awarded a scholarship that pays for your education will make it less likely that you will discontinue your studies and will not earn the degree that you desire. Scholarships can make it possible to devote more time to learning and studying by relieving some of the stress that comes with managing one’s finances. This, in turn, can result in higher marks and improve one’s prospects of continuing on to postgraduate work.

Career Benefit of Available Scholarships in Nigeria

Having a scholarship under your belt can actually make you a more desirable applicant for a job. Employers who are aware of the cutthroat nature of the scholarship competition will consider your receipt of the award as a significant accomplishment that proves that you have superior academic ability.

Scholarships are accomplishments that are worth noting on your resume and can help you stand out while you are searching for a job. They can even assist you in achieving the career that you wish to have in the future.

2024/2025 scholarships available in Nigeria, Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

As a beneficiary of a few of these opportunities, I have taken out time to compile a list of the top 50 scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students for the year 2024 with details of each scholarship. Good luck to every applicant.

Some of the Scholarship  that will be Open for APPLICATION are

  1. Federal Government Scholarship
  2. NNPC
  3. MTN Scholarship
  4. Total E & P Scholarship
  5. PTDF
  6. SHELL
  7. Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship
  8. MOBIL
  10. NNPC/Agip National Scholarship
  11. NNPC/Addax Scholarship
  13. ABAGMI
  15. Government Scholarships etc

Available Scholarships  in Nigeria 2023-2024

Below is the list of Scholarships that will be open for application this year. All of the scholarships, their Deadlines Qualifications and Requirements will be posted here once anyone is open for application

1. Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) Scholarship.

Each year, the Nigerian LNG firm gives out scholarships to students who qualify and who are deemed to be meritorious at a variety of universities in Nigeria. This scholarship is arguably the one that pays the most out of all the merit-based scholarships in Nigeria.

Worth: N150,000 every year till graduation.

2. PTDF Scholarships Programme (Nigeria and Overseas)

The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources offers the “PTDF Scholarship Scheme” to suitably qualified Nigerian Undergraduates, Masters and PhD students.

The worth of this scholarship is 250,000 plus a brand new laptop.

3. Federal Government Scholarship:

The Federal Government through the Ministry of Education offers Nigerian Scholarship Awards Tenable in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions to Postgraduate, Undergraduate, HND and NCE students of Nigerian origin.

Worth of the Scholarship: Students attending universities receive N150,000, while students attending NCE institutions receive N100,000.

4. MTN Scholarship:

As part of their corporate social responsibility, the telecom giant, MTN, awards numerous scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students studying certain science and technology courses in different parts of the country.

Worth: N200,000 every year till graduation.

5. NNPC/Chevron Scholarship:

Chevron in collaboration with the Nigerian national petroleum company, awards hundreds of national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year.

The scholarship can only be used in Nigeria and is awarded for a period of four years provided that the recipient maintains a high-grade point average.

Worth: N200,000 every year till graduation.

6. NNPC/Total E & P Scholarship:

Total Oil and Gas Company partners with the NNPC to award numerous merit scholarships to Nigerian students in different universities in Nigeria. This scholarship is tenable in Nigeria only.

Worth: N150,000 every year till graduation.

7. Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship:

The philanthropic founder of Zenith Bank plc, Chief Jim Ovia, through his foundation, awards hundreds of scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students from different parts of the country.

Chief Jim Ovia has made substantial investments totalling more than 150,000,000 over a span of 10 years in this particular plan. He demonstrates a strong sense of patriotism towards Nigeria and presents awards without any bias against specific ethnic groups.
The application process for the Jim Ovia Foundation Scholarship is presently underway for the final batch of recipients in the year 2023.

Please be advised that it is a must to possess a Zenith Bank account in order to proceed with the application process.

8. NNPC/Addax Scholarship:

The NNPC through its joint venture with Addax Petroleum awards a number of meritorious scholarships to qualified and deserving Nigerian undergraduate students every year.

Worth: N100,000 every year till graduation.

9. Exxon Mobil Scholarship:

The Exxon Mobil petroleum company in fulfilment of its corporate social responsibility awards hundreds of scholarships to undergraduates of Nigerian origin. The award is only tenable in Nigeria.

Worth: N150,000 every year till graduation.

10. Shell (SPDC) Scholarship:

The Shell petroleum development company in partnership with the Nigerian national petroleum company awards national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year. The scholarship is tenable in Nigeria only.

Worth: N150,000 every year till graduation.

11. NNPC/Seplat JV Scholarship:

SEPLAT Petroleum Company in collaboration with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company awards national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year.

The scholarship is applicable in Nigeria and has a duration of four years, contingent upon maintaining a satisfactory level of academic achievement.

Worth: N150,000 every year till graduation

12. NNPC/SNEPCo Scholarship:

Every year, the NNPC through its joint venture with SNEPCo Petroleum, awards a number of meritorious scholarships to qualified and deserving Nigerian undergraduate students every year.

Worth: N150,000 every year till graduation.

13. NNPC/Agip National Scholarship:

The Agip Petroleum Company in partnership with the Nigerian National Petroleum Company awards national scholarships to Nigerian undergraduate students every year. The scholarship is tenable in Nigeria only.

WORTH: N150,000 every year till graduation.

14. NDDC Foreign Post-Graduate (Master’s Degree) Scholarships 2023/2024

NDDC Scholarships Application Guidelines

To further boost Human Resource Development in the Niger Delta region, the Nigeria Delta Development Commission, NDDC, is once again embarking on its Foreign Post Graduate Scholarships skills for effective participation in the local content programme of the Federal Government, as well as enable them to acquire specialization in their fields of study and thus compete globally various professional disciplines

The scheme is for suitably qualified applicants, with relevant Bachelor’s Degrees from recognized Universities in the following professional disciplines:

List of Courses for NDDC Scholarship | List of 15 Available Scholarships 2023-2024 in Nigeria

  1. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Marine Engineering
  4. Mechanical Engineering
  5. Robotic Engineering
  6. Information Technology
  7. Math/Science
  8. Law
  9. Architecture
  10. Environmental Science

Methods of Application for the NDDC Scholarship

Prospective and qualified applicants should submit applications by visiting the NDDC official website

Eligibility for the NDDC Scholarship

To qualify for consideration of the application, the prospective candidate MUST hail from the Niger Delta region and have achieved a First Class Degree, Second Class Upper or Lower Division from any accredited University in Nigeria or abroad with a good character reputation

NDDC Scholarship Selection Process

the selection of any candidate for the NDDC scholarship runs in different stages as listed and explained below
Initial Application: Interested must submit an online application following the commission’s official website

NDDC Scholarships Preliminary shortlisting: Candidates who must have submitted an application for the NDDC scholarships shall shortlisted based on different criteria listed below

NDDC Scholarships Computer-Based Test: NDDC will organise a computer-based Test CBT examination for shortlisted candidates. The Computer Based Text for NDDC scholarship will be conducted by NDDC scholarship consultants in River State

NDDC Scholarships Minimum Test Score: The candidate must achieve a minimum score of 70% in the NDDC scholarship computer Test Conducted By NDDC Scholarship consultants in River State to proceed to the next stage of the NDDC scholarship

NDDC Scholarships Further Shortlisting: Candidates who sit for the NDDC scholarship Computer Based Text and score 70% or above will be further shortlisted for the next stage of the NDDC scholarship award

NDDC Scholarships Final Verifications: The final stage of the NDDC scholarship is the verification of the candidates. This final verification of the NDDC scholarship is done through the Local Government Aread and Community Development Committee of the NDDC scholarships.

NDDC Scholarships Award

The amount for the foreign scholars shall be based on the prevailing exchange rate of the Naira

NDDC Scholarships Application Guidelines

The deadline for submission of the application is five (5) weeks from the date of the advert 30th September 2023 to 7th November 2023

NDDC Scholarships Mode of Application

Applicants are required to submit their application via the NNDC official website:

Requirements for NDDC Scholarships

All interested candidates are required to submit their applications online through the commission’s website:

  1. Required documents for NDDC scholarship
  2. The following documents must be attached to the application
  3. One recent passport photograph
  4. Local Government Identification Letter
  5. Post Graduate admission letter from a recognized university overseas
  6. Relevant degrees from recognized universities
  7. NYSC Discharged /Exemption Certificate

We also have a related article on 22 Amazing Top Scholarships for College Students. 

Upon successful completion of the online application form, a registration slip will be automatically generated bearing the applicant’s registration number for tracking the status of the scholarship application through the NDDC application portal

All shortlisted applicants will be announced and the same will be published on the NDDC scholarship portal. These shortlisted candidates will subsequently be required to take part in a Computer Based Test (CBT)

It is Important that the NNDC scholarship committee will NOTE enter into any form of communication with those who are not shortlisted for the Computer Based Test (CBT), and those who are not invited for oral interviews.

Preference will be given to candidates from Oil Producing Host/Communities/Local Government Areas as long as candidates meet the approved cut-off mark

The commission will ensure a fair spread of the courses amongst beneficiaries within each state.

NDDC Scholarships Deferment, Change of Institution and Course are not permitted

The commission reserves the sole and absolute discretion to select in line with the above state criteria and its internal consideration.
The decision of the Commission in this regard is final

How to contact NDDC scholarship consultants

Director: Education, Health and Social Service, NDDC
Moblie Number: +234(0)9137806550 or +234(0)9049409391

15. RTEF Scholarship Application.

2023 KPMG Undergraduate Scholarships Programme full-time

2023 KPMG Undergraduate Scholarships Programme
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Responsibilities KPMG

The KUSP Scholarships are full scholarships covering fees, school hostel accommodation and academic material (books) expenses only.

NOTE: A KPMG Undergraduate Scholarship is confirmed after an offer is made.

Requirements KPMG

  1. Must have completed their secondary education at a state public secondary school
  2. Must possess a minimum of 5 distinctions from WASSCE/NECO (including Mathematics and English) in One (1) sitting
  3. Must possess a minimum score of 230 in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
  4. Applicants must be in 100/ 200L at the time of application
  5. Must be a citizen of Nigeria
  6. Achieved an academic standing of a first-class or strong second-class upper, as a minimum, in any discipline
  7. The minimum CGPA sought is of 4.0. of 5.0
  8. Demonstrated leadership capabilities

Applicants who are chosen to move on to the next step of the selection process will be required to furnish the information that is specified below.

CV O-Level Certificate from WASSCE or NECO UTME (Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination) Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME)
Complete transcripts of academic work
In the Documents Section:

Upload your CV file here (the maximum file size is 10 MB).
Attachment 1 requires you to provide your UMTE or JAM Score Slip (up to 10 MB).
Attachment 2: Please upload your university admission letter (the file size should not exceed 10 megabytes).

The KPMG member firm in Nigeria is comprised of both the KPMG Professional Services and the KPMG Advisory Services businesses. Since 1978, the partners and employees who work for the company have been conducting business in Nigeria, where they offer diverse professional services to both domestic and international organizations that are part of the Nigerian business community.

Our mission is to ensure that each of our employees, customers, and communities reaches their maximum potential so that we may realize our goal of becoming the company that is the most enjoyable to work with.

At KPMG, we are dedicated to assisting our clients in navigating the intricacies of the modern business world in order to locate solutions and bring value to their businesses. In the competitive market for professional services in Nigeria, we have an advantage thanks to the fact that we have both worldwide and local market expertise and perspectives.

Because of this mix, the Nigerian practice is now able to deliver genuine value to the firm’s customers by devising strategies that give them a competitive advantage over other businesses in their industry. KPMG, which is one of the leading suppliers of professional services, is aware that the success and expansion of the firm are both dependent on the success and growth of the Nigerian economy.

This is because KPMG is one of the leading providers of professional services. As a result, it is a supporter of progressive change and helps make the future a reality for its customers, people, and the community, thereby contributing to the prosperity of Nigeria.

Through its participation in the Nigerian Economic Summit Group, the company contributes to the process of developing economic policies for Nigeria. The company has a complete complement of 46 partners and over one thousand skilled and dedicated professional staff members. They have extensive industry skills and competencies in auditing, tax, and advisory services. KPMG has assisted customers in the public and commercial sectors in Nigeria as well as in a number of other countries in improving the performance and operations of their businesses through the work they have done for those clients.


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